We love seeing our artisan beers in your hands — especially now that it’s in a can! And we want to see our beers from your angle! Take Lion Bridge beer with you on your next adventure or get together; whether it’s just hanging out at your friend’s place on a Friday night, a weekend camping trip sitting around a campfire, or a family gathering for the holidays — we want Lion Bridge to be a part of your story.

Post a photo! Share it with us, in return, you will be entered into our contest to win a Barrel AND a Lion Bridge gift basket (Estimated value of $150). We are including the following items:

  • 1 Whiskey barrel that we aged one of our own barrel aged beers in

  • A branded Lion Bridge T-Shirt

  • 2 Lion Bridge branded glasses

  • 4 cans of Lion Bridge beer

  • 2 Lion Bridge stickers

How to enter the competition:

1. Share your photos on Instagram using the hashtags #NewPrideContest and #LionBridgeBrew you need to use BOTH in order to qualify. Please make sure that your profile is not set to private.

2. Or you can also submit your photos on Facebook BUT you will need to post the photo directly on our Facebook page.

If you’re still worried we might not see your amazing photos feel free to tag us as well.

Here’s what we want to see:

  • MUST show a can of Lion Bridge Beer in your photo

  • Give LB some love, show off our cans in a positive, creative and responsible manner.

  • Be original. Don’t steal somebody else’s photo. We want to see things from your perspective — embrace your own experiences.

Here’s what we don’t want to see:

  • Profanity in your photo captions.

  • You doing something dangerous or irresponsible with our cans. Savor our beer; don’t shotgun it.

  • Underage drinking. Entrants must be over 21 years to qualify.

You can submit as many photos as you want. More photos = more entries so get creative and go for it!

Please Note: If you submit photo(s) to be entered into our contest please note that you are agreeing to allow Lion Bridge to use your photo(s) in any of our future promotions.

Winner will be announced on Friday, January 4th, 2019. Want to know more? Read our full list of terms and conditions.