Beer and Cheese of the Month Club

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Beer and Cheese of the Month Club


The first three months of 2019 Lion Bridge Brewing Company and Chris Luken, Certified Cheese Specialist from Oakland Rd Hy-Vee, are partnering for a Beer & Cheese of the Month Club. This is a perfect gift for that person who already has it all but thoroughly enjoys great beers and cheese, or for the beer and cheese lover that is YOU!

The Beer & Cheese Club Includes:

For three months (January, February, and March of 2019) A 64oz growler and a fill of a unique seasonal specialty beer paired perfectly with two, 3oz portions of carefully selected cheeses by Chris Luken and accompaniments made by the Lion Bridge Kitchen Crew!

Pick up will be available during regular taproom open hours the first full week of each month.

January 2-6
February 6-10
March 6-10

* Sales tax is included in the price.

Here’s the lineup!



“Comfy Pants” (Winter Warmer 7.2%)

Work is done; go ahead and slip into something a little more comfortable with a pint of our English Strong Ale. This rich, full-bodied beer uses a wide array of malts to bring a complex flavor profile filled with dark fruits, caramel, and a touch of floral hops.


Featuring Frisian Farms (Leighton, Iowa)

12-18 Month Aged Gouda- this cheese will marry beautifully with the caramel notes.

Horseradish/Cranberry Gouda- The horseradish is present, but not dominating and the little bit of bite will accent and play off the robustness of this beer.  Plus, it has cranberry for a seasonal sweet and tart flavor.

Accompaniments: Apple Butter, Candied Nuts, Toasted Baguette.



Olde No. 17 (Dry Irish Stout, 5.5%)

This is the classic pub stout you know and love. Roasty, with hints of dark chocolate, nuttiness and rich creamy mouthfeel. Sláinte!


Featuring Milton Creamery (Milton, Iowa)

Prairie Breeze - This cheese will be outstanding with a dry stout!  The sweetness will bring out so much of the roasted barley notes in the beer!

Old Style Cheddar- This is such a flavorful cheese without being sharp.  It is deep, rich and creamy. Chris thinks it will be a hit with a dry stout because of the 'farmy' character and a dry stout's coffee-like flavor.  Like farm butter on toast with coffee!

Accompaniments: Beer Mustard, Mocha Covered Almonds, Dried Apricots, Pretzel Crostini.



Živá Voda (Bohemian Pilsner, 5%)
Named for the "living water" of Czech fairy tales that heals infirmities and counteracts spells. Bohemian Pilsner Malt adds subtle richness and accents of clover honey while the addition of Czech Saaz hops throughout the run-off, long boil, and dry-hop give this beer the distinctive earthiness and spice associated with authentic Pilsners.


Featuring Yellow River Dairy (Monona, Iowa)

Country Jack Goat Cheese- Silky cheese that has enough character and it will bring enhance fruity and floral notes in this beer.

Sharp Raw Milk Sharp Cheddar Goat Cheese-The richness and bite of this cheese will stand up to the bitterness of the hops and will result in a great synergy!

Accompaniments: Hopped Poblano Jam, Olives, Spring Herb Pesto, House-Made Focaccia Bread.

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