Environmental Initiatives

At Lion Bridge we believe strongly in preserving our environment, supporting alternative energies, as well as embracing outdoor recreation as a means of building value for the natural world. We recognize that brewing beer is an energy intensive business and we try to off-set that energy usage in a diverse number of ways that will hopefully not only reduce our impact on the planet, but also allow us to use our business as a microphone to educate and inspire people to do the same.

Here’s how we believe we are helping to make a positive impact on the environment:

*Restoration of existing and historic building - the greenest building is one that is already built.

  • Installation of modern, energy-saving technologies like LED lighting, double pane windows, automated blinds as well as all-new, water, electrical and insulation gives us a beautiful historic space with the efficiencies of a modern building.

*Composting - Compost food waste and paper products through EcoCare

  • Use of Compostable straws, cups, napkins, to-go containers, and paper towels.

  • All paper and food waste goes to a composting facility

*Off-set energy usage through purchase of wind energy credits. Support alternative energies as we believe they are the most sustainable and economically viable for the future.

*Creation of permeable patio with mature shade trees; more surface area for rain water to soak in means less run-off and less stress on the storm water system. Shade trees not only enhance experience and provide a connection to the natural world, but also provide a cool space to enjoy a beautiful beer!

*All spent grain used in the brewing process goes to animal feed where it provides valuable proteins, lipids, and some high quality sugars for chickens, cows, and sheep and keeps it out of a landfill.

*Supporting businesses and organizations that educate on how to reduce human impact on the environment, value natural spaces and outdoor recreation, as well as be good stewards of the Earth. (For example: Indian Creek Nature Center, Trees Forever, Bike to Work Week, Clayton County Conservation Awareness, and others).