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A Neighborhood Brewery and Taproom.

Lion Bridge Brewing Company

About The Lion Bridge Brewing Company

Lion Bridge Brewing Company is a 10-barrel brewery located on the property of the former Fritz’s Food Market at 59 16th Avenue SW (Czech Village in Cedar Rapids, Iowa).

The LBBC offers artisan beer produced in small batches. LBBC is always working to develop relationships with restaurants, caterers and other artisans in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor and help foster a community that is constantly striving to be new and innovative.

The end goal is to produce delicious, complex, and approachable beers with a focus on community and local collaboration.  Adding to the ambiance is the façade and interior of the old food market building that will be contrasted by a modern brewing facility where patrons can see the technology and detail that is involved in every glass of beer.  At Lion Bridge Brewing Company, we want to get patrons better acquainted with the complexity of the brewing process, the vast array of beers that can be produced through this process, and the artisans who craft the beer they are consuming.

We currently are offering 8-12 beers brewed on-site with space for up to 18 Lion Bridge Beers. We also have space for 3-5 rotating “guest” taps (beers from other breweries that the brewer or staff want to showcase) and artisan sodas crafted by the us (ginger ale, root beer, soda waters).  Our small kitchen allows the patrons to order bar snacks and appetizers of beer-centric food to accompany their beer or soda.  Our menu features a rotating list of approximately 10 items. Windows throughout the public space offer a view of the daily brewing activity and any barrel aging that is taking place.

Lion Bridge beers are available at our tasting room as well as at select local bars and eateries in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Corridor.

Meet Quin

Quinton has had an interest in artisan beer and food since his family took a trip to Belgium when he was 17.   Samples of Belgian Strong Ales and White Beers paired with mussels peaked his interest in not only beer styles and food pairings, but also the narrative behind every beer.A move to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend Colorado State University furthered his exposure to the diverse range of beers available.  Oh, and he got a couple degrees too. After graduating, Quinton moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to work at a newspaper and teach English.Argentina has amazing wine and a burgeoning craft beer scene, but Quinton missed having access to US craft beer, so, after there were no more Malbecs left to try or interesting meats to eat, he moved back to the US and encountered an entry level brewing job at the Fort Collins Brewery.  This job allowed him to move back to the craft beer epicenter he so loved and learn the commercial trade.In 2011, Quinton saw the opportunities that were arising in his hometown of Cedar Rapids.  With legislative changes and the development of the downtown, the time for a craft brewery was ripe and the idea for Lion Bridge Brewing Company was born.

Meet Deb

Deb’s culinary training comes from growing up in a large family of enthusiastic eaters and avid cooks. Dinner conversations focused mostly on what the next meal would be, and vacations were planned around restaurants the family wanted to try.In 1988, Deb opened a tearoom in her hometown of Keokuk, Iowa. It was a way to expand her cooking horizons, as well as to justify her ever-growing collection of cookbooks and cooking magazines.She has continued her culinary explorations through having worked for a fine-dining restaurant, a large catering company, and teaching cooking classes.For the last 5 years, Deb has been the assistant manager at the specialty foods sections at Benz Beverage Depot; fueling her passion for the brewery.  This has helped spark her interest in wine and beer and a fascination with how they complement what we’re eating.

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